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Location, Location, Location!

By Jean-Martin Simard,

Location, Location, Location!

If you don’t decide where you want to put your new spa before it arrives, the delivery crew may decide for you! They may find it easier to unload it by the street, making it difficult for you to enjoy your new unit at all.

The location of your spa or hot tub is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, before and after purchasing your spa. It is necessary to measure your available space before you buy a unit, to make sure that you buy one that will actually fit.

The golden rule of owning a spa is that it should help you achieve relaxation and not add to your stress; with that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a location.

  • Try to install it close to the house – this will make a lot of accessories easier to install, and will also minimize the amount of wiring and hosing that needs to be used. You will also appreciate a closer distance during the winter season, when you don’t have to trek through the snowbanks to get to the spa!
  • Evaluate the ground leading from your door to your spa. If you have sand and/or small stones, you risk bringing these into your spa. If there is a too-smooth surface, you risk slipping and injuring yourself.
  • Consider your neighbours: to protect your privacy, and theirs, you should choose a place as secluded as possible.
  • Think of the view that you will want to have when you are in your spa – do you really want to stare at the garbage cans in the ally while you soak?
  • Installing your spa under trees can be romantic…but be careful! Bits falling from the tree will create more maintenance work. Instead, consider surrounding your spa with potted plants or folding screens to create your ideal atmosphere.
  • On a technical level, you need to take certain things into account from the outset. For safety reasons, your spa must be installed more than three meters from electrical lines. Also, you must install it so as to allow accessibility to the equipment and any electrical panels. Whether it is for maintenance or a repair, these places must be accessible without any trouble.

Once you’ve figured out the perfect location for your new spa, it will be easy to decide where you want to be!

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