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By Jean-Martin Simard,


Our keyboards and remote controls allow you to control your spa or hot tub with the greatest ease. This is desirable because if these instruments were complicated, they would turn your relaxation session into a stressful experience!

After all, can you imagine being in your spa with the remote control in one hand and a user manual in the other?

Don’t worry! Our designers have thought of everything!

Numeric keyboards and remote controls allow you to control all the accessories and functions of your spa: pumps, air-jet, and water, their temperature, the lighting, and even your waterproof audio / video .

Pumps, air-jet and light effects are pre-programmed to stop automatically at a predetermined time. Once activated, pumps will stop working after 20 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on your spa model. Lighting are usually pre-programmed to stay on for many hours.

When you decide to pamper yourself and add additional functions, such as a waterproof audio / video, the equipment contains an auxiliary keyboard and a floating waterproof remote control. These new controls can allow you to control the audio while your in the spa.

Whether your spa configuration is simple or more elaborate, our controls can always be programmed and managed easily and according to your preferences. The only thing that will change will be the number of possible functions you use on your system.

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